Camping around Big South Fork

If you are looking for an opportunity to “get back to nature”, camping in the Big South Fork region is an excellent way to do so with many camps offering easy access to trails with plenty of scenic beauty all around. The popularity of camping continues to grow, with the increased RV ownership by the growing baby boomer population and the desire for families to get back to nature and to enjoy a simple way of life. Camping allows families the opportunity to share experiences unlike other lodging experiences. You can’t roast marshmallows in the hotel room floor – at least not without getting arrested. Out here, the bugs can even become a source of entertainment. Fireflies light up the night skies with their dazzling dances and many other nocturnal creatures serenade you to sleep with their melodic sounds.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area campsites and shelter reservations are available on a first come first serve basis. The National Park Service at Big South Fork charge fees at select camping and day use areas. The fees and dates listed are subject to change by the National Park Service. Reservations must be made in advance through the National Recreation Reservation Service at or or call 877.444.6777.

Enjoy bonfires under the moonlight at Big South Fork!


299 Dewey Burks Rd. • Jamestown, TN 38556 931.879.2776

3598 S. York Hwy. • Jamestown, TN 38556

P.O. Box 5445 • Oneida, TN 37841

1386 N. York Hwy. (US 127) • Jamestown, TN 38556
931.879.3025 • 931.310.2905

299 Dewey Burks Rd. • Jamestown, TN 38556

929 Cole Place Rd. • Allardt, TN 38504

136 S Walnut Ave. • Cookeville, TN 38501
888.884.9798 • 931.526.HIKE (4453)

Maple Hill RV Park and Cabins is the newest RV destination and cabin rentals in the area. It is owned and operated by Michiganders Klaas and Betty DeJong. They consider that they have come full circle in their journey in life. Each of them worked at a campground before they were married and always thought that they would like to run one during their retirement years. You know that saying, be careful what you wish for? Klaas and Betty started looking casually a few years ago and always knew that they wanted to be somewhere in the southeast; preferably Tennessee. After a big search, they found the perfect place. It didn’t take long to decide that Maple Hill RV Park and Cabins needed some tender loving care and they took the plunge and bought their retirement dream. Although Klaas is still working out his last year at Caterpillar in Grand Rapids, Michigan and tying up loose ends. He will officially be retired in January and comes down as often as he can. Betty is here full time enjoying the many visitors. She recently participated in the popular, world’s longest yard sale – the Hwy. 127 Corridor Sale. It was a huge success. This was Klaas and Betty’s first time hosting the Hwy. 127 sale at their campground. It was so busy; it took many family members and friends from Michigan that came down to help. This was a very exciting event and although everyone worked really hard and were exhausted, they loved it. They can’t wait to come again in 2012 to help and visit again with many of the vendors that already reserved their spot for the 2012 Hwy. 127 Sale. There were over thirty vendor sites and the covered pavilion was hopping with vendors selling everything from handcrafted items, widgets and other sundry items. The pavilion’s adjoining kitchen was open daily from 6:00 AM serving the vendors and flock of visitor’s homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the busiest vendors was serving up kettle corn, boiled peanuts and Italian ice. Another of the most unique food vendors was a lady who was serving organic banana whips - perfect on a hot summer day. There were tour buses that made the journey from Dunlap, TN along Hwy. 127. They pulled into Maple Hill RV Park and Cabins and enjoyed the many vendors, the food and the hospitality. Maple Hill RV Park is open year round and offers 19 RV Sites, 9 pull through and 10 back in sites. They offer 4 private bathrooms with shower, a community kitchen and laundry area, plus clean and new facilities. They also have 4 rustic cabins with heat/air and 1 fully furnished cabin that has recently been remodeled and furnished with new linens, kitchen items - very cozy. The front porch area is perfect for enjoying a book, or rocking in a chair and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds the RV Park. In fact, Klaas and Betty’s daughter-in-law is a professional photographer and has captured many captivating scenes in the spring and the week of the sale. She has turned several of the shots into framed prints that can be viewed at Klaas and Betty’s office. Maple RV Park and Cabins can be visited online or by phone 931-879-3025.

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